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Together, we can do this!

Now more than ever we need collective intelligence, wisdom and capacity. I invite you to join me in finding ways to transform our meetings, companies and communities as we increase consciousness with intuition and intention, together.

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    Here’s a sample chapter from my latest book on tools to revolutionize how we work together, and here‘s an inspiring distillation of what is happening when humans are working really well together, from Frederic Laloux.

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    Kate is a social entrepreneur, author, organizational change consultant, speaker, and coach. She specializes in helping people align with purpose, both individually and in groups. More >

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    My third book, We Can Do This! 10 Tools to Unleash Our Collective Genius, supports teams and leaders to boost impact with intention and intuition. Find my two previous books here.

WE CAN DO THIS! — a guide book for leaders and teams

You may be wondering: How can I — and my project, organization or movement — be as effective as possible? How do we navigate in these challenging times?

This site introduces many tools and approaches for finding your way through whether you are a leader, front line worker, manager, activist, entrepreneur, parent, student or …

We Can Do This!

We Can Do This! is a guide book for leaders and teams that introduces a complementary set of 10 frameworks, including:

    • Appreciative Inquiry (Sample Chapter)
    • Trust Theory
    • Chaordic Design
    • Generative Dialogue
    • Adaptive Cycle
    • Enterprise Facilitation
    • Theory U
    • Process Oriented Psychology
    • Integral Theory
    • Conscious Co-Creation

Each framework is summarized from the perspective of what is most useful in the field: the framework in a nutshell, its origin, a story of the framework in action, how it applies at the personal level (new!), finer points, possible pitfalls and finally key questions as a short cut to drawing out the insights of that framework. Icons support the reader to see connections between the different frameworks.

The tools offer complementary perspectives and pointers, each focused on different aspects of how humans are together. Just as carpenters need hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tape, drills, sandpaper and so on, no one tool can do it all, but all together they support effective action.

A toolkit to mobilize Barefoot Facilitators

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been inspired by the idea of Barefoot Doctors. In China in the mid-60s, there was little access to medical care in rural areas, and not enough resources to supply fully trained doctors. Instead, 30,000 villagers were trained in basic Western and Chinese medicine — enough to treat common ailments, and to share information about hygiene, family planning, and prevention of epidemics. Almost overnight, this important innovation revolutionized health outcomes in rural China.

By analogy, we do not have resources or capacity to supply professional facilitators to all the meetings and group endeavours supporting the great shifts underway. There are, however, thousands of people in all walks of life working to facilitate deep and lasting change in the human systems of which they are a part.

I wrote this guide book for leaders and teams to give tools to “Barefoot Facilitators”, so people like you — embedded in meetings, teams, networks, companies and bureaucracies (along with families and communities) — have the confidence to intervene, and the capacity to do so effectively!

Read more about the book and discover who has used the tools to boost the impact of their teams.

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