Make Light Work

This gem of a book introduces simple ways to find your own answers. It includes ten tools for doing “inner work”. Combined, the tools are a kind of internal GPS that helps you navigate through life.

  • Are you sometimes overwhelmed by what’s on your plate?
  • Do you struggle with making decisions or setting priorities?
  • Do you feel your life is somehow off track?

In 1990, Kate Sutherland was burnt out, bruised and confused. A book from a friend inspired her to visit the Findhorn Foundation in northern Scotland where she learned about inner work: ways of working based in intuition, perception, intention and consciousness.

For over 20 years, inner work has enriched and transformed Kate’s life, from her successful consulting practice and 18-year marriage, to her ongoing sense of meaning and purpose.

Inner work tools help with “little” things too, like:

  • How to deal with the person who drives you crazy
  • What food options are best for you or your family
  • Even how to navigate home when an accident snarls traffic

The book introduces each tool through a brief personal story, a step by step exercise, and commentaries on finer points and possible pitfalls. Also included is a chapter on integrating the tools into daily life.

How revolutionary would it be to find your own answers any time you are confused, overwhelmed, or simply seeking greater clarity?

Read a sample chapter.

“Starting a new business means making good decisions quickly. Make Light Work brings me back to my own basic intelligence and wisdom.” Elizabeth Sheehan, CEO, Climate Smart

“As a tradesman, I have tools to do my job. Now I have practical tools to help me with the other parts of my life, and I didn’t have to go to the Himalayas to learn them.” Danny Gillcash, Pipe Fitter

“As a long time student and teacher of accessing intuition I was thoroughly impressed to read Kate Sutherland’s Make Light Work. She has created an easy-to-use, excellently written and incredibly practical guide for anyone to better access their intuition; one that has fine-tuned what I do in subtle and important ways.”
 Carla Rieger, Director, The Artistry of Change

“Anyone else out there curious about this stuff but leery of going over to the new age dark side? If so, I recommend giving Make Light Work a try. It’s probably the most pragmatic and down-to-earth resource on inner work I’ve come across. Heck, I’ve written a whole blog post about it, despite my shyness about talking about anything “spiritual” in public. That’s how good it is.” Lauren Bacon, Partner, Raised Eyebrow

Inner work can help you too!

About the Author

Kate Sutherland uses the tools described in this book on a daily basis in both her personal and professional life. She first became interested in inner work when she burned out as a social change activist in the late ‘80s. Inner work is the best answer she has found to date in her quest for ways of working that are win-win-win for people, human systems, and the planet.

Kate is a life purpose coach, speaker, workshop leader, and organizational change consultant. In 2010, she created the Make Light Work blog as an online meeting place for sharing inspiration and stories, and to quicken the dissemination of inner work approaches.

Kate specializes in helping people come into better alignment with purpose, both individually and in groups. Her current priority is to make inner work mainstream in North America and around the world – as universal as pencils and cooking pots.

Kate believes that when individuals come into alignment with their core purpose, they help bring human systems into alignment. Kate has deep faith that what is most true within each of us will create a sustainable, just, and fulfilling human presence on this planet.

Other Testimonials

I love your book. I reread it all the time. Pat Taylor

I loved Make Light Work and found it very practical. I learned how to muscle test and have since used it to help answer questions I am unsure about — the body never lies! LOVED the Figure of Eight Breathing (simple and easy to remember). I also loved ‘pausing at the start’. Wow — I had no idea we could teach ourselves to do this… Flirts and setting energy were also very useful…and I love this line “..the way fish don’t see the water it swims in” ….amazing…THANK YOU SO MUCH! Very practical and life changing. Denise Freeman

This book proved a positive way to start the year. I was very pleased with it. It is short and snappy, with plenty of personal examples, explaining both the principles and practice, making it very readable. I particularly liked the following chapters: Setting the Energy, Guiding Images, and Inner Guides. Each provided a useful way to use your imagination to best advantage. And I loved the quotes:“The way out is through.” and “There is no out there out there.”These are simple, memorable, and true. It’s like a workbook for “The 4 Agreements”, except that there are ten of them, and they are more like adjustments. Maybe that could be the subtitle: “The 10 Adjustments”, but then people would think it is about chiropracty. Anyway, well done! Jivi

My daily practice in Groundwork, Setting Intentions, and Automatic Writing keeps me intuitively well-calibrated and authentic as a designer and eco-technology entrepreneur. Kate’s invaluable tools help me to maintain healthy relationships and a fearlessness in decision making for my business and personal life. Read this book; its wisdom is in the doing. Rennard Lusterio

When I’m feeling crazy, overwhelmed or confused, Make Light Work: 10 Tools for Inner Knowing reminds me that power lies in me. The ten tools are ten ways to find clarity, detachment and answers within. I can access my own answers, rather than depend on someone else’s ideas. Of the ten ‘tools’ on offer, six work well for me and the other four I’ll try out eventually. This easy-to-use, step by step primer is a gem.Leslie Hill

What a handy day to day guide.  I will carry it in my shoulder bag every day and just reference it. Steve

I really enjoyed it, made a huge difference in the past few months (we had difficult times) and I use it as a reference guide combined with a yoga practice. I particularly liked the intention part, when you say what you want from an experience before doing it, have been doing that before getting up, setting an intention to my day, and have had great results so far. Also really liked the guide section, I followed the steps before going to sleep and have met one of my inner-guide that way. Big kudos for this book!Valerie

Your wisdom, eloquence and clarity shine through!  My meditation practice was enhanced after reading, and it was good to be reminded of some basic techniques I’d forgotten – as well as find new ones. I look forward to my next go at it! Diana Sinclair

Kate’s book is a gift — it is a quick and easy read, and one that can have profound and long-lasting impacts depending on the level of application of the practices.“Make Light Work” is a wonderful resource for coaches to recommend to clients, for business leaders, as well as for anyone who aspires to live their life authentically, more of the time! Tana Heminsley

This small book is a big gift to yourself – full of practical, creative and empowering techniques to give you access to ‘being in the flow’ and ‘bringing light’ into all areas of your life.  Kate has made it easy to read and work with and invited us to personalize any of the techniques to our own needs/style.  I have found the Automatic Writing particularly helpful – initially I was doing it everyone morning after my meditation.  Kate had advised to always follow-up on the messages you receive.  Each day I received incredible wisdom and guidance – more, in fact, than I implement on daily basis.  I have let go of the daily practice and now use it when I have a specific question or issue.  It is wonderful to know that this faithful friend is always there when I need it.  The coin toss and muscle testing tools guided me back to the use of my pendulum, and the Multiple Options Technique helps to overcome indecision and set priorities in a simple and stress-free way.  Thank you Kate for sharing your wisdom, experience and encouragement with us in such an en-light-ening way. Jennifer S.