Looking for breakthroughs in your work or team? Need to rekindle shared vision? Do you sense possibilities that are not being realized?

I facilitate transformative processes for individuals, companies, communities, and organizations. These include turning point conversations, perspective retooling, social innovation initiatives and community building projects.

I see myself as part of an emerging global network of “people artists” – practitioners who work in the creative medium of meetings and initiatives — designing, framing, and convening with purpose, passion and a commitment to truth.

Like Inuit carvers seeking to liberate the sculpture hidden in a lump of soapstone, I support people to listen for “what wants to come through” in the contexts where I work. My goal is always to serve the highest, to invite making the most of the time and possibilities, and to leave a system more self-aware and resilient than when I arrived.

See Past Projects for a sample of previous work. It is all custom designed – nothing off the shelf – and falls broadly into the categories of community development and organizational change.

I work collaboratively, and bring an appreciative, asset-based perspective. I work with world cafe, open space, appreciative inquiry and dialogue. I also use inner work approaches — based in intuition, perception, intention and consciousness. For more on where I am coming from, please see How I Work, and Frameworks.