What’s New

  • Current priorities include:
    • We Can Do This! Over the summer of 2017, hundreds of people backed my crowdfunding campaign to launch a revised edition of my second book and to kickstart a movement to revolutionize how we work together. The new title? We Can Do This! 10 Tools To Unleash Our Collective Genius. Also workshops, writing, speaking, coaching and collaborations to support change makers to be more effective through inner work. Look for the book launch in 2108.
    • Certificate in Social Innovation. Founding faculty member and executive coach for this new program, launched by Simon Fraser University in September 2016. The program has five 3-day modules covering the arc of the innovator’s journey, along with a practicum and coaching component. We’re in the midst of the second cohort after a very successful first year.
    • Building Caring Communities. Coach and mentor for posAbilities’ social innovation initiative to grow the capacity of people with cognitive disabilities to connect and engage in community.
    • Inner Avatar work. Workshops and coaching to help change agents to discover their “inner avatar” — the distilled essence of themselves at their wisest and most effective. Contact me for more info.
    • THNK School of Creative Leadership: (On hold) Founding faculty member and executive coach. THNK is a global program for the next generation of creative leaders. It brings together corporate intra-preneurs, social entrepreneurs and commercial entrepreneurs who have passion, an open mindset, and a commitment to having real impact on societal issues.
    • Systemic and organizational “constellations” — Mentorship and supervision by Jane Peterson in this powerful approach, pioneered by Bert Hellinger — one that helps to make visible the invisible dynamics in groups and organizations.
  • One of the most powerful engines of positive change is people who know their life purpose and who have a circle of support. In partnership with Be The Change Earth Alliance, I help to coordinate local offerings of the What’s Your Tree?” program. WYT is a seven session curriculum for clarifying life purpose and how to express it in the world. Contact me if you would like to know more.